The first issue of Scimparello was dedicated to Islands, especially to Ibizia.


Scimparello, a made-up name that took shape one day from the pencil of my grandson Gabriel.

What it was is not known… but his conviction in presenting it to us did not allow us to investigate further: there it was, a fantastic animal named Scimparello.

Similarly, the idea of this magazine dedicated to those who never stop growing took shape in my head. “Will she be crazy? ” you might ask yourself, starting a magazine these days. Well, I thought so too about my grandson, yet I ended up, in the face of his naivete as a child, believing in the existence of Scimparello. And I’m sure you will end up believing in this project too…and not because of my naiveté, but because of my experience.






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I have been thinking about this for a long time. I have been deputy editor and digital director of the prestigious kid’s wear Magazine for 14 years, and I work as a freelance stylist for several magazines, both Italian and international… Over time I realized the lack of a magazine in Italy that would serve as a tool to search for the beautiful and the new. So here it is…

This first step of Scimparello I want to dedicate it to Ibiza, the island where everything for me began.

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I moved to Ibiza for love in the 1970s. I stayed there for three years, and I gave birth there to my first ideas and also to my daughter Patricia.

Let me tell you about my first encounter with fashion: one day, while flipping through the pages of the German magazine Brigitte, I came across beautiful patches and thought of applying them on T-shirts (avant-garde at the time!). I got hold of all the copies of Brigitte on the island… and the T-shirts went like hot cakes, a real business….

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Seguito da una vera e propria produzione di vestiti: seguivo una forza lavoro di cento persone e vendevo in una meravigliosa garden boutique. Ah, che bei tempi!

Poi ho dovuto lasciare l’Isla Blanca, ma solo fisicamente. La mia mente è lì, a vagare con l’energia della natura e il luccichio del sole sulla sabbia.

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Like all places, Ibiza is no longer the one I knew when I arrived, but nevertheless its charm remains in beautiful brands that have chosen the island as their home, in magical places to spend a beautiful family vacation, and in special people I introduce you to who have insider addresses to share with you. And then I want to tell you about everything there is to read and know about the magic of Ibiza. And then so much more that I don’t want to reveal everything about yet…follow me on this journey!