Photographer – AUDREY RICOUL @audreyricoul

Styling – CAPUCINE TERRIN @capucineterrin


Models – ITIA & KAÏLI
Location – Bora-Bora Island, French Polynésia

Layout – ROSSELLA FERRARIO @rossella.ferrario

two girls standing on a Palm tree
ITIA & KAÏLI knitted sweater and shorts LA FÉTICHE.
kids fashion editorial by Audrey Ricoul
ITIA & KAÏLI left page: swimsuits and skirts BELLE CHIARA.
KAÏLI right page: swimsuit BELLE CHIARA.
editoriale moda teen di Audrey Ricoul
KAÏLI left page: knitted sweater and skirt PATOU.
KAÏLI right page: dress MARIA DE LA ORDEN.
A vibrant photo series by Audrey Ricoul showcasing the beauty of island life. On the left, two girls stand side by side, one wearing a bright yellow dress with detailed sleeves and the other in a vivid orange dress with white lace patterns on the sleeves. They both have their hair tied up and are smiling, enjoying the sunny day among lush green foliage. On the right, a close-up of pink and yellow plumeria flowers against a clear blue sky, highlighting the tropical paradise setting.
A vibrant photo series by Audrey Ricoul depicting the carefree spirit of island life. On the left, a girl stands with her eyes closed in front of large, green tropical leaves. She wears a colorful, checkered shirt with puffed sleeves, evoking a sense of tranquility and connection with nature. On the right, another girl playfully hangs from a palm tree while wearing a two-piece swimsuit in bright yellow, red, and green colors. She smiles as she enjoys the sunny day, surrounded by the lush greenery of the palm trees.
KAÏLI right page: swimsuit BOBO CHOSES.
A vibrant photo series by Audrey Ricoul capturing moments of serenity and connection. On the left, two girls sit together on a palm tree trunk with a backdrop of palm trees and a clear sky. One girl, wearing a green outfit and a pink cardigan, looks up peacefully while the other, in a green cardigan, leans on her shoulder with eyes closed, both enjoying the tropical atmosphere. On the right, a close-up black-and-white shot of a girl wearing a chunky seashell necklace, highlighting the natural beauty and simplicity of beach fashion.
ITIA & KAÏLI left page: knitted cardigan BARRIE, knitted bodysuits AMCA OVAL
ITIA right page: swimsuit FINGER IN THE NOSE, shell collar CLEOPATRA’S BLING.
A photo series by Audrey Ricoul capturing joyful island moments. On the left, two girls stand close together, smiling warmly at each other, dressed in ribbed swimsuits—one in green and the other in yellow. They are partially framed by a large palm leaf, emphasizing their connection and the tropical setting. On the right, a silhouette of palm leaves is set against a stunning sunset sky, with hues of orange and red, creating a beautiful and serene tropical atmosphere.
ITIA & KAÏLI knitted bodysuits AMCA OVAL
A photo series by Audrey Ricoul capturing moments of reflection and beauty by the sea. On the left, a black-and-white close-up of a girl twisting her hair, wearing a ruffled black top. Her expression is contemplative, highlighting her natural beauty against the beach background. On the right, another girl stands at the edge of the ocean, facing away from the camera. She wears a loose, striped dress that flows in the breeze, with her hair cascading down her back. The turquoise sea and blue sky stretch out before her, creating a serene and peaceful scene.
ITIA left page: shirt PRUNE GOLDSCHMIDT.
ITIA right page: dress TANGERINE.