Catrinel Marlon

by Enrico Fragale Esposito

Catrinel Marlon is a multifaceted woman: director, writer, model, Chopard’s brand ambassador, and creative director of the renowned brand Nanán. Her journey has been far from obstacle-free, as she shares in her autobiography, but she has learned to overcome them with determination and resilience. In this interview, Catrinel offers an intimate glimpse into her childhood, revealing surprisingly positive perspectives despite the hardships, and into her current family and work sphere. As we listen to her words, we realize that for Catrinel, adventure also lies behind the toughest situations, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. If life were like a complex game, she would know the right moves.

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Nanán SS24

We know you had a particular, hard, and turbulent childhood, but it allowed you to “jump every hurdle” (as the subtitle of your autobiography states). Can you tell us about it?


There’s a lot to tell. My childhood was hard, it’s true, but I only realized this now, looking back with the eyes and heart of a woman and mother. When I was little, in fact, despite the difficulties, I didn’t notice it too much; for me, it was often all an adventure. I invite you to read the book I wrote during the pandemic, “Non avevo gli occhi azzurri” a fun story without complaints.


What were your favorite games as a child?


I practiced athletics competitively for many years and played many games during training, but perhaps the ones I enjoyed the most were the neighborhood soccer matches on weekends: I was the goalkeeper.


And what about your daughter Caroline Leon’s favorite games? Has she inherited any of your interests or passions?


My daughter plays tennis and does athletics: sport is a healthy fun that I hope she will continue to practice as much as possible. Caroline also has a great passion for music.

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Catrinel Marlon

You’re expecting your second child. Having gone through artificial insemination, what practical advice and emotional support would you offer to couples embarking on this journey?


In Italy, seeking a child through assisted reproduction is still perceived as taboo. Prevention, awareness of the problem, and talking about it is the real cure for infertility. For many women, the journey to motherhood can translate into a challenging and articulated path before achieving their desire, for others, it can be an unexpected journey in their life with which to coincide other personal aspects. I would recommend the book by my doctor, Daniela Galliano, “Quanto ti vorrei” The book is not just a simple guide for those who want to become parents, even if they are single, over 40, or homosexual, but an adventure against stigma, prejudice, and stereotypes we are often unaware of but unfortunately psychologically imprison us.


How much of that girl who grew up in Romania is in the successful woman you are today?


Certainly, at the base of my existential formation is “the road.” That road taught me to be very confident in myself and to have a certain sensitivity and caution in choosing friends, jobs, etc… a kind of innate sixth sense.


Model, actress, director, and creative director… if you had to think of each of these activities as a game, what would they be and why?


It would be simplistic and not entirely true to say that for me it’s all a bit of a game but, actually, perhaps the key to success in all these professions always lies in the awareness – very rooted in me – of never taking myself too seriously. I always dedicate myself body and soul to my projects but always having fun and especially trying to bring respect to everyone who collaborates with me. For me, work is also leisure and pleasure and above all, I have a sacred rule: family first.

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Nanán SS24

You’ve been living in Rome for a long time now. What places would you recommend to a visiting family to make their experience memorable?


I’ve always lived between France and Italy, and Rome has always been a city I loved very much. There are so many wonderful places, it would be too difficult to choose just a few. Every corner of these cities offers magic, history, and beauty unique in the world. Just don’t be in a hurry!!


The inspiration for Nanán’s SS24 collection is a journey towards the future. If it were possible, where would you go and with whom?


The clothes we will wear will tend to change in the coming years due to climate conditions, rising temperatures, social and security problems in our cities. The future of our clothing cannot ignore issues like these, so reflection is necessary right away. If I were to travel into the future, it would certainly be with my children, my partner, and our dog. Where? Maybe towards another planet that will offer us a new dimension of life.


How did you explain to Caroline Leon the arrival of the new baby brother? And how did she react?


Actually, it was she who asked us in a very insistent way, the desire to have a brother or sister was the most important thing for her… now we are waiting for the birth, which should happen any day now. Caroline is very happy, and so are we, especially because this time it will be a boy.


Say goodbye with the recipe of your favorite Romanian dish.


I leave you with a special appetizer, which is actually not Romanian but Roman since this is now my new home, the artichokes “alla giudìa” and “alla romana”. A delight, crunchy and majestic. Artichokes “alla giudìa” are a classic appetizer of the Judeo-Roman cuisine. They are prepared with the typical Roman artichokes, the cimaroli (or mammole), spineless and tender. After being soaked in water and lemon, they are fried in boiling oil. In the end, the leaves are spread out and eaten, without discarding anything. Eating a leaf is like eating a chip, if you’ll pardon the comparison! Another typical recipe is the artichoke “alla romana”: this time they are not fried, but cooked in a pot, with a stuffing of garlic, parsley, and mint. Buon Appetito Scimparello Friends!

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