Jessie May Young

text by Jennifer Irizarry

Enter the dreamy world of Jessie May Young, the London-hailing, Ibiza-dwelling mother, wife, and stylist that has struck a gentle chord between work and family, generously sharing her bohemian aesthetic and daily adventures with the world through her personal blog Bohemian Bond.

On her beloved Ibiza Jessie and her family are living the life of their dreams, savoring the slow pace of island life, and following where their hearts and curiosity lead them. Come sit a spell, let’s take a peek into her world.



Jessie May Young


Tell me a little more about the years you spent as a child in Spain. Did you learn to speak Spanish and do you still?


I was around three when my parents decided to move to Spain. There was no big plan they just decided to go for it after a holiday one year and I really admire them for going for it—it must have been a lot harder back then. I was fluent in Spanish but when we returned my parents tried to continue with private Spanish lessons but as kids my sisters and I lost interest—something I’ve learnt from my mistakes. I will hopefully try to keep my children’s Spanish up always if possible. My Spanish is pretty terrible but I do still have lessons and have a go where possible.



How did your career in hair and makeup develop?


I always wanted to be a hair and makeup artist from a really young age and I loved earning my own money so I had a Saturday job in a salon from the age of twelve. I would also blow dry my mum’s friends’ hair on Saturday nights. I ended up turning my parents garage into a mini salon—Saturdays were crazy!


Wow I am always a little jealous of people who found their calling early in life! So, if you had just one make up tip for women over 35 what would it be?


My tip is don’t over-buy too many products. Keep it simple, look at what’s in your products, and try and to work from the inside out. What we eat and drink can have the biggest effect on our hair and skin. I’m always amazed by my brides when I do a hair and makeup test around 6 months prior to their wedding day I always get a list of things they hate: dark circles, spots, uneven skin tone. But always by the time I do their hair and makeup up on their wedding day there is usually no issues and it’s always the same answer: they’d been eating and drinking better and really looking after themselves.


You mentioned that you are taking a half year off to travel with the kids…have those plans firmed up at all? Does the family get to plan together or are mum and dad calling the shots?


It’s always a family decision although we probably give them a little too much say sometimes. I really wanted to travel the world with the kids for a year but my husband likes to play things a little safer so Ibiza was our compromise. I really can’t complain although I was hoping to take at least a term out before things got too serious for my eldest who is now 13. My husband is now back to working between London and Ibiza so I’m not sure that dream will come to life…although I still think the kids would benefit more from a world tour then being stuck in a classroom.


What are some special things that you share with your teenage daughter? Do you ever catch yourself saying things to her that your mum said to you? How is it different being a teen in Ibiza vs the UK?


I love travelling around Europe with her as we always have fun. For Maisie’s 13th birthday we were really stuck on ideas. She mentioned she would like to   jackets and had some ideas so we set her up with a logo design and some jackets for her birthday and she has blown me away. So it’s been a special time helping her grow her business. Living in Ibiza I think the teenage kids care way less about what others think of them. Maisie will give anything a go and I love that there is no competition here—everyone is happy doing their own thing.

[Maisie] I’m outside so much more here! In Ibiza, weekends are spent on the beach hanging with friends instead of the cinema or theme parks.


How many hours per night do you sleep? Sorry, couldn’t resist, being a mum myself I feel sleep deprived going on 20 years now lol


Oh God sleep…so by the time I’ve put everyone to bed and done some email like now its 22.36…I usually get into bed at midnight and if I’m lucky the baby will only stir once or twice then up again by 7am.


Not too shabby! How did you and your husband meet? Did you know he was ‘the one’ right away?


We met through my brother-in-law so he was someone I had heard lots about before we had actually met so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was only 17 so I really wasn’t looking for the one at that time but when you know you know.


Describe your personal style. Favourite designers? How about kids’ designers? What do they live in? Does your older daughter let you style her still?


I’ve always loved wearing maxi skirts and dresses but living in the UK it isn’t always the easiest look so I have loved getting to wear dresses constantly while living here. The kids do question sometimes why I’m so over-dressed but it’s whatever I’m in the mood for. I love picking up dresses for me and the kids when we are travelling it’s like a little keepsake of the special holiday time. The kids and I have actually just created our own little lace collection on the island as I’m always getting asked where we get our items. I’m hoping these will be items that mums and daughters can purchase and take a little Ibiza memory home with them.


What do you miss most about the UK?


Family. It’s the only thing that really matters.