Lili Bettens

by Enrico Fragale Esposito

Lili has been running KIDSCOM AGENCY, previously known as Kids Comunicación, since 2009. She handles relations with the press, both print and digital, and with influencers worldwide, designing the communication strategy according to the characteristics of each brand she is taking care of. Apart from that, Lili is always a ball of fire, recently she came up with the idea of running a podcast in which she interviews industry personalities. What we can tell you about her is that she was born in Belgium, has lived in Barcelona for many years with her three children, and organises the best dinners and aperitifs during kid’s fashion fairs between Florence and Paris. To find out more, we asked her a few questions.


Lili Betten and her team

Why did you decide to rebrand your agency and how Kidscom will be different from Kids Comunicación?


We opted for a brand renovation to give our agency a more international identity, reflecting our extensive collaborations with magazines and brands dedicated to kids. Our agency, founded 15 years ago, initially focused on promoting international brands in Spain. However, over the years, our scope has expanded significantly. We now engage with magazines and influencers worldwide. Furthermore, we aim to diversify our portfolio by moving beyond our predominant focus on fashion brands. Our vision is to broaden our horizons and venture into sectors such as toys, cosmetics, furniture and nursery brands, all centered around children and families.


You live in Barcelona since 2001. What are the must-see stops on a family weekend? 


When it comes to must-visit spots in Barcelona, there are several that comes in mind. For those who enjoy shopping, I highly recommend places like tinycottons for fashion, Bateau Lune for toys, and Abitare-Barruguet for baby accessories and furniture.

If you have energetic kids, Montjuic is an excellent destination. You can take leisurely walks there (although it involves going up the hill), explore the Jardin Botanic, and, if your children have an interest in art, visit the JOAN MIRO museum.

For a day at the beach, I suggest taking the train to Garraf (near Sitges). The beach is relatively small and child-friendly, making it a great place to unwind and disconnect. When it comes to food, here are some recommendations: Parking Pizza (a favorite among kids), Les Filles (known for its lovely terrace), Pez Vela on the beach for paella, Tapeo in Gracia for tapas.
Barcelona offers a wealth of family-friendly options, and the city’s size allows for easy exploration. If you require more suggestions, please feel free to reach out. Barcelona is a fantastic family destination, and I have a multitude of addresses to share!


What are your fondest childhood memories related to the Christmas period?


My fondest memories revolve around family gatherings. I come from Belgium, where the cold temperatures and rain often discouraged outdoor activities during the holiday season. We spent quality time indoors, surrounded by sisters and cousins, immersed in card games or Monopoly. The competition was always fierce, and I developed an aversion to losing at board games.


Lili as a kid

Speaking of children’s fashion, what trends have you noticed for the upcoming spring/summer collections?


I anticipate that bold and vibrant colors will continue to dominate this season. There will be an emphasis on vivid and lively colors that look fantastic on every children. Graphic T-shirts and sweaters are still very much in vogue, and the retro style is making a comeback with vichy or smocked dresses. Additionally, stripes remain a timeless choice for summer attire, so your child can never go wrong with them!


What do you love to wear? 


I have a strong affinity for the classic combination of a T-shirt and jeans. With Finger in the Nose expanding into adult fashion, most of my jeans come from their collection. Moreover, I have a penchant for long dresses (as the Suuky linen dresses, or Bellerose silk dresses). To enhance the look, I often pair them with a feminine jacket and accessorize with items such as earrings or scarves. Comfy style and feminine!


And what did you love to wear as a child?


As a child, I had a strong affinity for dresses. I loved finding the perfect combinations, meticulously matching prints and colors. This attention to detail and sense of fashion has been with me since I was young.


Name 3 reference stores for dressing little ones.

Certainly! Bellerose, they offer a wide range of clothing for children and have an excellent selection of sneakers to complete the perfect look.
Centre Commercial, this store in Paris is known for its carefully curated selection of children’s clothing and accessories. Le Bon Marché, the renowned Parisian department store with a fantastic selection of children’s fashion and a reputation for quality and style.


What’s your biggest wish for 2024? 


My top priority for 2024 is the well-being and good health of people, as without good health, it’s challenging to achieve anything. Additionally, I wish for robust health within the children’s industry as it’s a fantastic sector to be a part of. May 2024 bring good health both personally and professionally.


Podcast: Kids Universe Insiders