Rikke & Mogens Jepsen

by Enrico Fragale Esposito

If we had to choose a brand to line up in a hypothetical game where the trophy is the “Fun Cup,” then Molo would be our trump card. In every collection, the iconic prints born from the limitless imagination of the creative team, capable of finding magic in every corner of reality, take us to a playground populated by whimsical elements typical of childhood but revisited with the signature Danish urban touch. This season, between the Peace logo and playful patterns, the spotlight turns on Love, with spray hearts all-over on garments that become injections of energy and optimism: the ingredients to win every challenge on the playing field. Rikke, who founded the brand with her husband Mogens 20 years ago, tells us about the journey from their Copenhagen apartment to conquering global markets.

girls dressed in tennis outfits

Molo SS24

First of all, we want to know: when and how did you meet?


In 2000. We both worked in the same big fashion company where Mogens was managing an inter-departmental project I was involved in. He called me one Friday afternoon, late, to ask for a meeting, and I thought I would find an older man because Mogens is usually an old man’s name. So it was a pleasant surprise. He claims it was love at first sight as soon as I stepped into his office, but I was more cautious, let’s say it took a bit of time to convince me. Ha, ha!


Tell us how Molo’s adventure began?


The idea started from the mission to revitalize children’s fashion, which at the time was all light blue and baby pink. It was time for a change. We wanted to create a clothing brand with a strong personality and recognizable for its playful expression. We started from scratch in an apartment in Copenhagen, with just two pairs of hands to do everything: from design to purchasing, from sales to marketing, from administration to logistics. Initially, we designed only a small collection for ages 2 to 8, and then we expanded the range to include garments for babies, accessories, outerwear, and swimwear covering up to 16 years. Even in terms of geographical scope, it has been quite an adventure, from selling only to a few markets to now having the whole world as our playground.


With more than 20 years of experience, what are the biggest differences in childrenswear from 2003 (launch year) to today?


Thinking about it, there are quite a few. First of all, the internet. The rise of e-commerce has impacted our entire distribution. The number of physical stores has decreased, while online store customers have increased, some of which have become big players in the sales sector. Over our 20 years of existence, we have gradually faced the entire globe, which is a great challenge, because needs differ from country to country, also due to different climates, for example. We work a lot on this aspect in addition to incorporating various cultural elements into our collections. An example could be the use of colors: in some markets black does not work for children while in other places it is considered a cool color.

children dressed with heart logo all-over denim outfits

Molo SS24

What were your favorite games as children, and what were your children’s favorites? And now, what hobbies do you dedicate yourselves to in your free time?


Mogens grew up on a farm so he was involved in nature and animals while I was more inclined towards drawing and creative activities. Our children loved Lego and sports. As for the present, the answer is boring: what we do is our biggest interest – and we feel very privileged for this. Also, there’s not much time for anything else. Being entrepreneurs consumes all available time. It’s a lifestyle.


The best places for children in Copenhagen?


Copenhagen is a very child-friendly city, with plenty of things to do. We have the Tivoli Gardens, the theme park in the city center that is one of the oldest in the world, truly magical. On a gray day, you can visit the Experimentarium. Forget boring science lessons at school because this center has captured the imagination of adults and children for over thirty years. Then there’s the Copenhagen Zoo, with more than 4,000 animals from all over the world. A relaxing activity is a boat trip on the canals: a great way to discover Copenhagen, and it’s useful for letting the legs of both adults and children rest. If you want to turn into a true Copenhagen parent, then you must rent a bike in Christiania and pedal through the city. Finally, since you’re visiting a small kingdom like Denmark, don’t miss the chance to watch the Danish Royal Guard march from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace where the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place every day at 12.


Molo cares about sustainability. What habits have you adopted as a family?


Both as a family and with our brand, we try to make more responsible choices every day – well knowing that we can always do more. We eat more plant-based, have an electric car, are very careful to separate our waste so that as much as possible can be recycled, wash clothes made of synthetic fibers in a special laundry bag so that all the microplastics that come off are collected instead of ending up in rivers and oceans and damaging nature. If we take clothes to the dry cleaner, we return the metal hangers instead of throwing them away. Moreover, we have a soft spot for sparkling water, but thanks to a home device, we can tap it directly from the faucet and, in this way, we have completely eliminated plastic bottles. All in all, we try to buy less and better, to avoid consumerism, an attitude that we also encourage through Molo. That said, we can always do more.

boy dressed with basketball print outfit

Molo SS24

Which pieces from the SS24 “More Love” collection are must-haves?


Ahhhh, now you’re asking us to choose among our darlings. It’s a difficult task, but there are two styles we would like to emphasize. Our overalls with the Infinite Love artwork in jacquard denim. They are so cool and practical. And then our unisex denim pieces, with the spray heart print. Both go hand in hand with the More Love theme of this collection that exudes hearts, positive messages, and love in every direction. The goal is to create clothes that will be loved and appreciated as much as we love creating them.


Molo’s prints are iconic each season: dinosaurs, galaxies, unicorns… what’s the message behind this creative playground?


Our design team’s ideas always revolve around the wonders of the world seen from a child’s perspective. They draw inspiration from both an imaginary sphere and the very close everyday things that, if looked at more closely, are often as magical as anything one could invent!


What do you think of technologies like AI or the Metaverse applied to children’s fashion?


From a design standpoint, we’re open to all ideas when it comes to inspiration. However, we do not see how AI could overtake the creativity of the human mind. We still highly value the “hand touch” that we believe is well expressed in our garments.


Now tell us the truth: what are the most fun moments of working as a pair?


The key is sharing all the experiences that come with your partner in crime. Celebrating successes, presenting a new incredible collection, winning a new important client but also being surrounded by all our fantastic employees. Our Molo family means the world to us. It’s our world.