Explore Summer with style

An outfit for a Summer Picnic

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"Fashion is a way to express one's personality from a very young age."

by Petra Barkhof


Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new styles and create unique outfits for your little girls. Imagine a captivating green gingham dress paired with super cool sandals in shades of green and red. To complete the look, we have carefully selected some special accessories. The perfume “LA DANZA SULL’ ALBERO” with its notes of Patchouli, Peach, and Cedar Wood adds a touch of mystery and sophistication. The “Mitra” bag, whose name means “god of friendship” in Hindu, symbolizes the special bond between your child and her friends. Finally, the bracelet with resin and golden brass pendant duo of octopuses adds a playful marine touch. Explore our styling tips to create an impeccable look that reflects your little fashionista’s unique personality. Let her style speak for itself and enchant everyone with her summer creativity.