Luggage for Filicudi

Enrico's essentials for a week on the remote Aeolian Island 🏝️

Summer's essentials guide for traveling
I have planned a week-long escape to the beautiful Filicudi in the Aeolian Islands, and I want to make sure my small luggage is packed with must-have fashion essentials to keep style and comfort all vacation long.

I want to dive into the crystal-clear waters of Filicudi with my chic swimming briefs by N°21. I’m sure even for you no summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Renowned for their comfort and style, they are perfect for exploring the island or relaxing by the sea. The huge Sticky Lemon‘s Tote Bag is  ideal for packing everything, like the beautiful illustrated pareo or the 50 SPF Sun Protection, crucial to safeguard against harmful UV rays, and a promising captivating book about a son’s adventures with his elderly mother through Switzerland, perfect for those relaxing moments on the beach.

The Big Maison Mangostan‘s Straw Hat not only provides excellent sun protection, but also adds a chic touch to your summer outfits.
And for those nights out on the island, the embroidered shirt is perfect for dining out or enjoying the local nightlife.

With these summer fashion essentials, my trip to Filicudi will be both stylish and unforgettable. A tip: pack smart, stay protected, and enjoy every moment this summer!