Packing for Paris

Essentials for the Playtime Trade Show

essential's guide for Paris
As I'm preparing for a stylish weekend in Paris, curating the perfect wardrobe is essential. Embracing the elegance of the City of Light is easy with a selection of versatile and trendy pieces that ensure a cool yet comfortable look.

The sophisticated suede and calf leather one strap sandals are perfect for strolling the charming streets of Paris and aisles of Playtime. The stylish design and bright hue of Paade Mode’s shirt makes it an ideal choice to add a flair to any ensemble.


If the Bare Balm Cleanser will be ensuring that I look fresh and vibrant throughout my trip, the exquisite fragrance by Jo Malone with its rich and captivating aroma will leave a lasting impression. It did with my new friend, Agathe from Molo, and I trust new friendships…

Speaking of Molo, purple shorts are both functional and fashionable and they can be paired easily for casual outings.


The unique and flavorful sweet & sour Rhubarb toothpaste is a must-have in my luggage, it also adds a playful touch to any daily routine.


No Parisian wardrobe is complete without a classic trench coat: its timeless design and versatile fit make it perfect for layering over any outfit.


by Enrico Fragale Esposito