Better Together

The new mantra at Sticky Lemon


text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Are you ready to embrace the spirit of togetherness and fun? Sticky Lemon‘s new capsule collection celebrates the joy of being unique yet united, just like you and your sweet, quirky friends! Join them as the label dives into a world of colorful hearts, open arms, and endless adventures under the bright sun.


This season, the Dutch brand unveils a new sporty clothing line that embodies the essence of unity and teamwork. From vibrant tees to comfy joggers, each piece is designed to inspire confidence and camaraderie among young hearts.


As the saying goes, “we are better together,” and the collection echoes this sentiment loud and clear. Whether climbing trees or exploring new horizons, their clothes and accessories are a perfect match for every adventure shared with friends.


View the collection HERE.


photo by @alexandraklever