Discover the Playful Elegance

The essence of love and joy takes center stage in the Moschino Baby Kid Teen collection

girls and boys dressed with playful outfits from Moschino SS24 collection

text Enrico Fragale Esposito


The latest iconic Italian label’s collection encapsulates the spirit of fun and sophistication for kids and features iconic symbols and vibrant colors to create a whimsical and stylish ensemble for the little fashionistas and trendsetters of today.


For the girls, the heart symbol reigns supreme, transforming into a delightful slogan In Love We Trust adorning shirts, dresses, and biker jackets. Moschino’s timeless colors, white and black, take on new life as they blend harmoniously to create captivating outfits that exude elegance and flair. Satin dresses, denim pieces, sweatshirts, and t-shirts are elevated with signature golden studs, showcasing the iconic logo and the beloved Teddy Bear.


Boys are invited to embark on bold adventures with a diverse color palette ranging from soothing beiges to vibrant greens. Playful sketch effects on t-shirts, shirts, and pants infuse energy and dynamism into their wardrobe, allowing them to express their unique style and personality with confidence.


Let your little ones shine bright this summer with Moschino’s enchanting designs, where fashion meets fun in the most delightful way possible.

Moschino logo all-over
cute babies in Moschino

View the collection HERE.