Dive into the Sun & Surf Summer 2024 Collection

AO76 has once again delivered a beautiful and playful range for everyone to enjoy

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text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Inspiration was found all around, with the element of water serving as a central theme due to its creative nature. By playing with various production techniques, designer’s team brought depth and dimension to every piece. Unique fabrics were chosen for added comfort, ensuring every piece feels as good as it looks.


This collection is a vibrant celebration of summer, featuring playful embroidery and traditional dyeing techniques, old-school patches, tropical sunny & surfy artwork, and catchy one-liners. It’s filled with novelties and signature pieces, each one standing out with dazzling all-over prints, cool animal artwork, a wide variety of fabrics and styles, and lots of funny little details.

kids on the beach
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Explore the Sun & Surf Summer 2024 collection and let your summer be inspired by the waves! Surf’s up!