Main Story SS24

A Tribute to Barbara Hepworth’s Artistic Legacy

kids in a playground field

text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Under the radiant sun, children from the neighborhood gather at the playing field, their laughter echoing through the air as they splash in paddling pools and invent imaginative games. This joyous scene serves as the perfect backdrop for the latest offering from the UK brand Main Story.


Inspired by the enchanting studio of the renowned sculptor Barbara Hepworth, this collection captures the essence of her organic forms and nature-infused artistry, translating it into a range of comfortable and stylish children’s streetwear. The SS24 collection echoes these elements with a sun-bleached palette, featuring buttery tones and delicate blush hints reminiscent of the soft, weathered colors of Hepworth’s studio coats.


These colors are seamlessly integrated into a squiggle jacquard knit, echoing the winding paths of Hepworth’s studio garden. To enhance the whimsical and nostalgic feel of this collection, they collaborated with the talented artist Steven Fritters, known for his playful and illustrative characters. Each piece is designed to bring joy, comfort, and a sense of individuality to every child who wears it.

kids in a playground field
kid jumping in a playground field

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