Modern Day Poetry, Minimalisma

Harmony and Sustainability unite in the SS24 collection

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text Enrico Fragale Esposito


In a world bustling with activity, where the rhythm of life often drowns in the noise of daily chaos, the Modern Day Poetry collection draws inspiration from the laughter of children and a profound love for nature. Much like poets, our children beckon us to pause, listen, and immerse ourselves in the enchanting symphony of the natural world.


Minimalisma crafts a collection that embodies soft luxury, comfort, and timeless wear. A fusion of signature silk seamless, GOTS certified organic cotton, a sumptuous silk-cashmere blend, and a lightweight wool-silk blend, showcase a commitment to sustainability. Swiss-made knits, expertly crafted with precision, complete the collection, embracing the beauty of nature without compromising on quality.

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The color palette mirrors the hues of a natural playground – clearwater blue, dark cacao brown, pear sorbet, and various shades of creams. Vibrant wildflower petals inspire shades of green, rose, and radiant poppy red, creating a visual ode to the wonders of the outdoors.


In the spirit of eco-consciousness, every material is cultivated without harmful chemicals, ensuring a gentle touch on both skin and the environment.

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