Unveiling Molo's Expanded Outerwear Collection

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text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Dive into the latest trends with Molo‘s AW23 outerwear collection, made of an array of captivating quilted styles. Among the new additions, the spotlight shines on the chic coat, complemented by the matching pants. Elevate your ensemble further with the vests, featuring the signature design that beautifully accentuates the classic quilted square patterns.


For those seeking transitional weather and layering options, the brand’s fleece program has undergone a transformation. Explore the latest embossed and printed teddy styles, including adorable options for both babies and older kids alike.


New materials have been introduced such as the sleek, nylon-like fabric and innovative corduroy variations perfectly suited for all weather conditions.


In the Outerwear Collection, sustainability takes center stage as Molo continues its dedication to recycled fibers. Crafted from recycled polyamide or recycled polyester derived from post-consumer waste, garments transform discarded materials into high-quality & sustainable fashion.


By repurposing post-consumer waste, the label contributes to energy conservation, reducing landfill waste, and lower CO2 emissions. Molo offers a range of eco-friendly solutions, from garments with recycled shell fabrics to advanced outerwear options featuring recycled layers of shell fabric, lining, and insulation—without compromising on quality or performance.