Under The Same Sun

Winter Season 2023

Collection Statement

We are all connected. Through the light that gives us energy. With the light comes life. An organism that can be traced back to the first living organism on our earth is mushrooms. This means that we are descendants of mycelium, the roots, and network of a mushroom. At Molo, we got inspired by the knowledge of mushrooms, fungi, and mycelium and the way they are an essential part of nature’s own recycled system. We try to incorporate this into the prints of our outerwear collection through stories of fungi, plants, and animals.

For the AW23 outerwear collection, we have expanded our selection of quilted styles. New products have been added, such as the quilted Hannah coat, with the matching quilted pants Hellen as well as the quilted Heine and Harsha vests. We have developed a unique signature quilted design to compliment the classic quilted square patterns on the Hally jacket. ew materials have been added such as the shiny nylon-like materials for the coat Hollah as well as new types of corduroy suited for all weather used on styles like the Halo puffer and the Hebe snowsuit. Many styles are created with a unisex design – both regarding shape and colours. The ‘Outdoor-Proof’ program is now expanded to now include more print variations and a new Honor jacket for smaller kids. Finally, we introduce a new snowsuit Paco, in a rubber-like quality perfect for the biggest puddles of mud.

About the Brand

Molo’s journey sprang out of curiosity and a drive to change the existing children’s fashion world, which was, in 2003, less than vibrant and colourful. Since its conception, Molo has seen its role as the brand that provides “favourites” for every child’s closet.

Molo’s first collection, 2-8 years, sees the light of day in the spring of 2003 and is initially sold in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, and England. But the Molo customer isn’t satisfied because they want more: so the first Molo baby collection, 0-2 years, launches in 2005, and in 2009 the first separate outwear collection makes its debut. Since then, Molo has seen its product range grow to include boys’ and girls’ collections up to 16 years, as well as a swimwear collection.

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