Collection Statement

In a world becoming increasingly divided and polarized, the need for love has never been greater. At Molo, we believe that love is the one emotion that can bring people together, bridge divides and foster a sense of unity and understanding. Love is patient and kind, it seeks to understand rather than judge, and with love we are willing to forgive and move forward.


So, for our SS24 collection, we aim to show love and optimistically spark a ripple effect that canhave a positive impact on the world around us. That is why the collection has been named MORE LOVE. But More Love is more than just a fancy wordplay and an abstract and utopian idea. It is a natural part of our DNA and the way we approach design and create amazing children’s wear. We inject love, care, and dedication in everything we design, and we are proud to say that our SS24 collection is responsibly built, with emphasis on choosing certified eco-friendly materials, wherever possible.


So let us all commit to showing more love in our daily lives. Let us be kinder to each other, more patient, and more forgiving. Let us look for opportunities to spread love wherever we go, whether it’s through a smile, a kind word, or a simple act of kindness.